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A Shortcake of Introspection

This poster was created for the musical act known as ‘Shortcake in Big Shoes’, a side-project headed by Edward Torres, a music consultant here at The North Side Creative, as well as the lead vocalist and guitarist for the band knows as The Rewrites. The side-project includes two members in addition to Edward, a drummer named Ivan Sanchez and a female vocalist named Susan Ruffino. Ivan Sanchez will most likely not be participating in next month’s performance, but I have no doubt that the performance will still prove to be an enjoyable experience. The side-project was created in order to collaborate with other musicians and to continue to engage in music performances while The Rewrites is currently split up geographically.

I will continue to provide information about The Rewrites and all other affiliated musical and artistic endeavors concerning the band members.

The Rewrites



Yes, We Can Kick It.

The North Side Creative’s Diver Logo with a little Midnight Marauders tossed into the mix.