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Yes, We Can Kick It.

The North Side Creative’s Diver Logo with a little Midnight Marauders tossed into the mix.


The North Side Diver Logo

The iconic appearance of the ‘deep-sea diver’ is something that has always been of interest to me, albeit mostly from an aesthetic outlook. After having created the logo, I thought more about the iconography and how in a small way, the image of the diver is relevant to The North Side Creative in its present state. I have observed that the image of the deep-sea diver is often depicted in settings where the surroundings are usually dark and mysterious, such as caverns at the bottom of the ocean floor. It is in these settings that the diver ventures to respectively accomplish whatever it is that he must, and to return with his life amidst the dangers of the deep. The diver is usually by his lonesome, combating the forces of nature, and it is at this point where I will relate the diver to The North Side. While it is currently operated by one, I hope that it will be able to grow, to form a larger and much more creative ‘wolf-pack’ ,if you will. The North Side Creative is presently operated by a sole individual, myself. The diver is in a similar position when he is on his quest, and the tool he utilizes in the case of my logo, is a sledgehammer, where the tools I utilize are many. I use these tools to accomplish my goals and to complete all quests that may lay ahead. It is how I conquer by design.

– Kyle John Hollings